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WordPress For Business Owners-Get Control Of Your Website

One of the biggest frustrations for business owners online is NOT being in control of your website.wordpress websites

I see this all the time as an SEO consultant where the business owner is held hostage by their webmaster or hosting company.

For example, one of my clients had his website delayed for almost a year.  This delay cost him thousands. His website finally launched but it’s very difficult and time consuming to update because of the way it was programmed.

Another client of mine has to submit a ticket anytime she wants to make a tweak to her website.  When the web company finally gets around to answering the ticket, they treat you like some sort of moron. It’s very frustrating.

An Accounting client of mine pays over $500 a month for his website and hosting. The company who runs this racket also hosts and builds several other accounting firm websites. As I looked through some of the other  websites they’re hosting, I noticed the content for each website was exactly the same!

You see most website companies and webmasters DO NOT build their website with SEO in mind. They build websites to look pretty and do some cool things but if your buyers can’t find you, what does it matter?

On the flip-side, if you build your website using my favorite website technology( WordPress ), you’re free to update and change your website whenever you want.

Your free to add new content, add videos and pictures as much as you want.  Feel free to experiment and test your title tags, meta descriptions and web copy for higher rankings in the search engines.

In fact, since wordpress is “web-based”, meaning you can log into your site any time you want ( provide you have an internet connection).

Let’s say you’re on vacation and a great business idea hits you like a ton of bricks. Just log into your site and make it happen!  Heck, you can even have your assistant do it. WordPress allows you to assign individual user names and passwords and set authority levels for your website.

Try calling your webmaster at 2 PM on a Saturday afternoon and ask them to put some content up on your site. Good luck!

So break the chains between you and your website company and take control of your business online.

Now go dominate Google, Bill Parlaman

P.S. If you want your very own WordPress website and you’re not sure where to start, shoot an email to and we’ll discuss your website needs.


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