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This Week In Internet Marketing-Week Ending 1/13/2012

2012 continues to be a busy year in the world of internet marketing.Internet Marketing News

Stirring the pot once again is Google.

Last week Google got caught buying links.

This week Google completely changes the way their search results pages look with the release of  “Google Search Plus Your World.”

So this weeks links are all about what others in the internet marketing world have to say about Search Plus Your World.

1. We’ll start with one of my favorite websites, Search Engine Land. Danny Sullivan does an excellent job of summarizing how Google’s search results just got more “personal” with the release of Google Search Plus Your World.

2. You can get Google’s take on Search Plus Your World by reading Matt Cutt’s post on this topic.  Matt is the head of Google’s web spam team and is very excited about the changes.

3. PC World does an excellent job capturing what other blogger had to say about Google Search Plus Your World. To read what PC World has to sad to say about Search Plus Your World click here.

4. And finally, with all of this talk about Social Media and SEO, I thought I would post a interesting view of Social Media from my mentor Craig Garber. Click the link to read’s blog post on “Why Social Media Spread Like Wildfire

I hope you enjoy these links and become a little more informed about the world of internet marketing.

Talk to you next week.

Now go dominate Google, Bill Parlaman

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