Internet Marketing Speaker-SEO Speaker

Bill reveals how “Bricks and Mortar” business owners and Entrepreneurs can make more money from their website in plain and simple English.

Presentations include:

* The 7 Most Common and Costly Mistakes Business Owners Make With Their Website And How To Fix Them Now!

* How Business Blogs Grow Customer Lists, Posistions You As An Expert And Makes You Money

* Social Media Marketing For Non-Time Wasters

* Why Websites Fail And How To Make Yours A Smashing Success

* Bricks To Blogs-How Brick And Mortar Business Owners Can Leverage Business Blogs To Grow Their Business

* How To Find The Business Within Your Business

* SEO Copywriting Strategies-How To Write Copy For Your Website The Search Engines ( And Your Customers) Love!

* How To Create A Website Blue Print So Your Website Rocks The Search Engines

* How To Outsource All Your Online Marketing Strategies For $2.00 An Hour Or Less!

To inquire about Bill’s availability to speak at your event, please contact us at:

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