Bill_Parlaman_Ultimate_success_secretI was fortunate to be invited by Mike Capuzzi to contribute a chapter in his new book, The Ultimate Success Secret.

The Ultimate Success Secret was co-authored with Marketing Legend, Dan Kennedy.

Mike is a Marketing Consultant and the Philadelphia Chapter Director for Glazer Kennedy. Mike is also the creator of hugely successful CopyDoodles.

Mike co-authored this book with Dan Kennedy which is an updated version of Dan’s original classic.

Dan Kennedy really needs no introduction if you are familiar with the direct response marketing world. Dan is sometimes referred to as the “Professor of Harsh Reality” because of his no non-sense approach he takes to business and marketing.

Both Mike and Dan Kennedy have been huge influences in my personal and business life and it was an honor to be asked by Mike to contribute a chapter.

Mike and Dan joined forced to to deliver “the ultimate resource” for action-oriented individuals seeking to explode their income and develop competitive advantages

This book is really like three books in one.

The first part is an updated version of Dan Kennedy’s classic book, “The Ultimate Success Secret.” This book goes far more in depth than just “hoping” and “thinking” good thoughts or wishes for a successful business and life. Dan reveals specific actions you must take in order to become truly successful.

In the second part of the book, Mike Capuzzi offers additional strategies for growing the business and the life of your dreams.

The third and final part takes everything Mike and Dan Kennedy share with you and introduces 16 other entrepreneurs ( one of which is me!) and reveals the exact steps they are taking to reach their ultimate goals in life and in business.

This book gives you a peek at the specific success strategies they’ve used to build businesses and lives of their dreams.

You can get your very own autographed copy of “The Ultimate Success Secret” here.

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