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SEO Tips-The Right Way And The Wrong Way To Add Content To Your Website

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Yesterday I shared with you the importance of adding new content to your website as an SEO strategy.

So today I would like to continue on this topic because there is a right way and a wrong way to do this.

The important thing to remember here is to add new content to your site on a REGULAR and CONSISTENT schedule.

Writing 10 articles and publishing them to your website all at once is a huge mistake.

You see dumping a bunch of articles on your website like this does not look natural in Google’s eyes and the eyes of the other search engines.

Doing this is like having a cold and grabbing every bottle of cold medicine from the medicine cabinet and taking them all at once.

The way to go here is to cycle your articles through the weeks and months so it looks more natural.

Here’s what I mean, you might want to publish one article per day for a month, or you could try publishing a new article every other day or publish an article 3 days a week-each on a different day.

Either way, don’t just dump all your content on your site at once.

Adding content on a consistent basis will help your site look more like news site and Google loves news sites because  they’re always publishing updated news stories and information for Google to index.

Failing to consistently add new content to your website will cause your site to “die on the vine.”

What do I mean when I say your website will “die on the vine?”

Well you’ll have to check back tomorrow and I’ll reveal what I mean by this and how you can avoid this “deadly” SEO Mistake!

Now get busy, Bill Parlaman

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