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SEO Scribe-8 Reasons SEO Scribe Is NOT Worth The Money!

I just watched an excellent video tutorial of SEO Scribe over at Remarkablogger.

SEO Scribe is a WordPress plugin that’s supposed to help make sure your blog posts are SEO optimized.

Now after I watched the video tutorial, I’m glad I did not buy this tool because quite frankly it’s a waste of money.

Below I’ll summarize how to SEO optimize any business blog post without spending one thin dime!

  • Pick one keyword or keyword phrase you want to optimize your blog post for. ( It’s just easier optimizing a post for one keyword.)
  • Make sure to place this keyword at the beginning of your post title. ( You’ll notice on this post I’ve chosen the keyword “SEO Scribe“)
  • Use your keyword in the first sentence and in the last paragraph of your post.
  • Make sure you do not exceed 5% keyword density.  What this means is you do not want to use your keyword anymore than 5 times per 100 words.I personally like to keep mine to 3% just to be safe. ( By the way, this is easy to do with WordPress because your text pad keeps a running total of your word count. Once you know your word count, just count your keywords.)I like to “bold” my keywords in the text. You could also use underline and italic.   ( This places emphasis on your keywords but don’t go crazy with this. Be natural.)
  • Write a compelling post description using your keywords early. A compelling description gets the “click.” Again this is done through your “All in one SEO plugin” or “HeadSpace2 plugin.” ( Do not go over 160 characters on your description or else your description will be cut off in the search engine results page.)
  • Install an auto tagger plugin and let it choose your tags. Just delete the ones you don’t want and add a few you do.

So there you have it,  8 quick and easy (and free) ways to optimize your business blog posts.

Now once you keep these points in mind while writing your posts, it will become second nature and you won’t give it one minute thought.

Now if you’re the type of person who feels this too much work, than SEO Scribe might be a good fit for you. But that’s up to you.

Now get busy, Bill Parlaman

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10 Responses to “SEO Scribe-8 Reasons SEO Scribe Is NOT Worth The Money!”
  1. Justyna says:


    thanks for the post. I haven’t tried SEO Scribe plugin but I always check if there are other solutions than just installing another plugin.
    I use the method you describe in the post and it is really powerful!!!


  2. Justyna,

    Hey, I’ll be the first to recommend an SEO tool that works and helps business owners but this one just falls a little short to me. This can be done easily following the strategies I’ve laid for sure. Now with this said, if you are an SEO novice or just dont want to think about it, I think SEO scribe is worth it.

    Thanks for your post. I really appreciate it.


  3. Bill,

    Sure, on-page SEO principles are simple. I agree. Been that way for some time now. The thing is, most people don’t apply them. Even me, and I’ve known this stuff for a long time. Why? I’m as lazy as the next guy. So for me, Scribe is a very convenient reminder.

    Now, whether or not it is worth paying for that reminding or not is an open question. I think for some it will definitely be worth it, for others it won’t. You know, professional sports team coaches get paid big bucks to get their players to work on the basics, even though the team already knows this stuff.

    Just another way to look at things.


  4. Pat,

    Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it. I’m glad you like Scribe SEO it’s just not for me. I also think once you start writing for SEO it becomes second nature and I’m at the point where I dont even think about it. I think ultimately if yo give good content the long tail will take care of it’s self.


  5. Bill, I’m glad you checked out my video. Thanks for sharing it with your readers. You’re absolutely right: for some folks, time is more important than money. I can do everything you mention above, but Scribe helps me do it much faster (just like I use tools like Market Samurai for research instead of cobbling together a hodge podge of other tools and endless hours of effort). Scribe is something I wish existed a long time ago. I would suggest people give it a try. They can always get a full refund if they want. Clark is a stand-up guy and he treats his customers right.

  6. Michael,

    First let me give you a great bit THANK YOU for leaving your comment. It really does mean a lot to me. Anyway, I think you did a great job with your video tutorial. let me say I think this is a great tool for someone who is new to SEO and has not been writing for a long time. If you’re one of these folks I would highly recommend Scribe SEO. Most of my readers come to me for SEO advice or are already pretty sound with their SEO skills. I don’t know Clark and I’m sure he’s a great guy so if my readers would like to try out Scribe SEO, by all means, take Michael’s advice. He is someone I respect very much.


  7. Farnoosh says:

    Sorry to be picky but it should be “your” = possessive pronoun, and not “you’re”, contraction of you+are.
    I am surprised that you think SEO Scribe is not worth the $$. I was thinking of investing in it but so glad to hear of another refreshing opinion. thank you.

  8. Farnoosh,

    Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment . I really appreciate the heads up on my grammar error. I’ll be the first to admit my spelling/grammar/punctuation are NOT my strengths. However I do hope the content of what I share with my readers is enough for most folks to over look this short coming.

    Anyway, I think SEO scribe is fine if you are new to SEO or just can’t be bothered. If you follow my tips for writing SEO content in my blog you’ll do just fine.


  9. Vince says:

    One thing I don’t like with SEO Scribe is that I believe it is overpriced… and all the more that you have to pay for it “MONTHLY”… My goodness. That’s a huge of money for that tool alone. If you are not so much fun of writing and you only write twice a week, better to think it over for this kind of software.

    It’s tempting, but it should be a one time flat fee and not monthly.

  10. Liz Jamieson says:

    I bought SEO Scribe when it first came out and now am grandfathered in low price. I quite like it, but it is a luxury. However, I would like to hear with other people think about the comment Vince made about monthly pricing in general.

    I tend to think it makes sense as it means a product can be funded for further development and support in a sustainable way.

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