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SEO Basics-How To Write A Money Making Meta Description!

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Today I’d like to stick with the “SEO basics theme” and discuss your meta description tags.

You may recall my last lesson was all about using “title tags” on your website for SEO domination. If you missed it you can read all about meta title tags here.

The “meta description tag” and “title tags” are really the only two ” meta tags” with any relevance left in the search engine optimization world these days.

The “meta keyword tag” has basically been rendered useless by spammers who figured out how to stuff keywords into a web page which would rank the site highly in the search engines for that term.

Luckily the search engines ( especially Google) caught on to this practice and has really devalued the meta keyword tag.

On a side note, it appears Yahoo and Bing may still value the meta keyword tag somewhat but Google really doesn’t pay attention to them anymore.

A good rule of thumb for your meta keyword tags is to use maybe 2 or 3 keywords or keyword phrases in your meta keyword tags and that’s about it.  More than this and your site could look “spammy” in Google’s eyes.

So let’s bet back to meta descriptions shall we?

Your meta description tag really serves 3 main purposes:

  • Describes the content of your web page to your prospects.
  • Serves as an “advertisement” for your web page.
  • Serves as an additional way  to display targeted keywords reassuring your searchers they are clicking on a website with the relevant information they want.

You see with title tags most search engines only show the first 65 characters.  In contrast Google shows up to  165 characters when it comes to your meta description.   The other two “Big” search engines will show up to 200 but since the big dog is Google stick to no more than 165 characters in your meta description, OK?

The extra characters in the description is a great way to distinguish your website from all the other sites when your title tag can not tell the whole story.

This helps your prospect determine which site they want to visit based on the searchers “wants.”

Here, let me explain…suppose you lived in NJ and you were looking for a NJ landscaper.

Do you want someone who will mow your lawn, performs landscape design or someone who can do stone work?

Below is an example of Google search result page showing various descriptions of what each business does.


Notice how each description is unique and uses different keywords. If you were looking for a landscaper in NJ would any of these descriptions make you want to click them?

Also notice how the keyword ” landscaping” and “New Jersey” are in bold in the description. This really allows your keywords to “POP” at your prospects.

How could you use this strategy on your website?

Writing a meta description tag is not the easiest thing to do so here are a few pointers:

First, make sure you’re using your main keywords early in your description and make sure to give a compelling call to action.

For example, ” Philadelphia Online Company Reveals How To Get your website To the top of Google. Click Here To Discover How!” or “SEO Consultant Offers FREE Website Audit. Click Here To Find Out How To Claim Yours Now.”

If you own a brick and mortar business I’d recommend using your keywords in your meta description and a call to action with your phone number as such…

“NJ Landscaper Offers FREE Report, ” How To Keep Your Lawn Looking Beautiful & 7 Things You Must Know Before Hiring A NJ Landscaping Company For Your Next landscape Project. Call 609-555-1212 To Find Out More.”

So to review…

Your meta description is an additional way to describe what’s on your web page and acts as an advertisement for your web page enticing your prospects to visit your website.

Make sure to use your keywords in your meta descriptions and write a compelling call to action with no more than 165 characters.

By following these pointers you’re sure to get more “targeted traffic” to your website which ultimately means more money in your pocket!

Now get busy, Bill Parlaman

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