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SEO Link Building-How To Create High Powered Link Profiles

Hi, Bill Parlaman from and this is Episode 23 of The X’s and O’s of SEO.

And today, you’ll discover a few SEO link building strategies to create a successful link profile for your website.

As you’re probably aware, SEO link building is one of the most important tasks when crafting a successful SEO Campaing.

When I say SEO link building I’m referring to external backlinks, meaning links coming from third party sites to your website, and internal link building, meaning links within your site . Internal links are the links used to link from one page to another withing your website.

Link building is very important in order to get higher rankings in the search engines and still one of the best ways to use your time when running your SEO campaign.

So, today, I’m going to share with you how to build a successful link profile so you don’t get penalized by Google and you get the best possible rankings in the search engines.

So, let’s get started.

1. Proper Anchor Text Linking. The first thing you need to remember when starting any type of SEO link building campaign, whether it’s external link building from other sites or internal link building is you want to use the proper anchor text when linking to those pages.

An anchor text link is, I have mentioned this before, is the blue highlighted text, the hyperlink text that you can click on and will take you from that link to the page where you’re linking to.

So, this is the first thing you want to remember.

When using or creating your anchor text link it’s important to give Google and the other search engines some sort of clue as to what your link is all about.

For this reason it’s really important to include your keywords in the anchor text link.

I have an example of a website here and I’m going to use a website  I own. It’s called  I sell lots of different Private Label Rights Articles on this site.

Private Label Rights ( PLR for short) means you can buy those articles and basically do anything you want with them. The reason I mention this site is because it’s an excellent example of how you’ll want to sculpt your site and then how you want to do your SEO link building.

If we are going to look at , here’s my homepage . The one thing that I always try to do when building links back to my site is I want to make sure that that anchor text link, meaning the hyper-linked text going to a page, matches the title tag on the page I’m linking to.

So, on my homepage, my title tag is PLR Articles.  So when I have a link coming from another third party site, I want to make sure that within that anchor text within that link, I have the word PLR Articles in that link text.

This way when it links to the page and when Google comes to a third party site, here’s the third party site where you’re getting your link, so this is where the link is coming from – the third party site, the hypertext link says PLR Articles and it links right into my homepage. The link matches the title tag to this page. When Google sees that link and follows it, it says “Ok, I’m going to follow this link. The page that I arrived on should have something to do with PLR Articles.”

So using good keyword-rich anchor text links is the first SEO link building strategy you’ll want to remember.

2. Randomize Anchor Text Links. The second thing you’ll want to remember, and this is important so you don’t get penalized by Google and you do get the highest possible ranking in the search engines, is you want to randomize your link anchor text.

So, I would not want to build a thousand back links to this page that just says PLR Articles. I might have a link that says affordable PLR Articles, customized PLR Articles, original PLR Articles.

So, you kind of get the point. You want to randomize the anchor text. This way you’re not constantly using the same text in your anchor text links over and over again. This is a sure sign to Google that you are trying to manipulate the search engines in order to get this page to rank for this term.

So, remember, randomized it.

Side note: You know, I always say to use your keywords in your anchor text links, right? Well in some cases you’ll want to mix in a couple of “Click Here’s” as anchor text because that looks natural.

A lot of people will link to your site with “Click Here”. If you mix in, maybe 3 to 5 percent of “Click Here” or “Go Here”,   a different link that does not have your keywords, that will look more natural to the search engines.

Another good rule found that’s why I always stress keyword-rich domains names because the name of my site is PLR Articles Hub, any time someone links to my site through my URL, those keywords are already in that link. So, that’s another good reason to have a keyword-rich URL.

So far we’ve covered, using proper anchor text and then randomizing your anchor text links for the different words that you use.

3. Build Deep Links to your internal webpages. The third thing you’ll want to remember is to build deep internal links to your other sub-pages.

For example, looking at this site here, the homepage is optimized for PLR Articles and then we have categories pages.

Let’s say my category page is called “Hobby PLR Articles”. I have another one called Internet Marketing PLR Articles. And then I have one called Holiday PLR Articles. These pages are my categories. They covered a broad range.

In my title tags, I’m going to have Hobby PLR Articles, Internet Marketing PLR Articles and then Holiday PLR Articles.

I also want to build links to these internal pages. I would want links that match my title tags that says Hobby PLR, Hobby PLR Articles. I want to build links to these pages.

Again, following the same rules we just talked about,  using good, keyword-rich anchor text and then randomizing the link text to these pages and likewise, on my sub-pages I have the proper keyword title tags.

So, we have Hobby PLR. On here might be Cycling PLR Articles. And this might be Bird Watching PLR Articles.

For my internet marketing, I have Market Samurai PLR Articles and One Shopping Cart PLR Articles. I have also SEO PLR Articles.

All of these sub-pages will also want to build links randomizing the anchor text links into these pages so we could build links within these pages.

Those are really the three things that you want to keep in mind when SEO link building to your website and creating a successful link profile.

SEO link building in this manner will help you get the highest possible rankings and decrease your chances of Google coming along and and penalizing your website for an unnatural link profile.

If you enjoyed this episode, please be sure to leave a comment below the video.

If you have any other topics that you would like me to cover in the coming episodes, I’d really appreciate if you’d leave those in the comment box as well.

And this is Bill Parlaman saying, “Now go, dominate Google!”

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