Lauren Wuscher Discusses How Bill Parlaman And Radical Marketing Solutions Improved Her Bottom Line

“Before working with Bill Parlaman, I had NO IDEA what SEO was or how it could possibly help business. Our sites wereLauren-Wuscher-SEO-Testimonial doing okay, but we were having a problem driving new, organic traffic to them. We started implementing Bill’s techniques and within a week or two our site was getting ranked on page one and two of Google searches for top keywords.

“We have seen increases in visits to all of our sites and the amount of keywords Google views our site for has gone up 384%! I admit, we haven’t had too much time to delve into SEO optimization for all of our websites, but I can only imagine the results we will get when we start using all of Bill’s easy-to-implement techniques!”

-Lauren Wuscher
Marketing Director
Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Donald Robbins of BioSafeDentistry shares how SEO and Radical Marketing Solutions has helped his business grow!
Dear Bill,

I wanted to write this letter to express how grateful I am about your work on my business website.Dr-Donald-Robbins-SEO-Testimonial

You brought me way up in the ratings with your search engine optimization. Within a few months I was on top of the listings in my area and right there on the Google map.

You even got me two other listings on that first search page below the first one I had. Great Job!

I look forward to our continued relationship while you help me build my blog presence on the net.

Thank you,
Don Robbins, DMD
Exton, PA

William Thomas Of 1st Choice Security Technologies Shares A Great Break Through For One Of His Most Profitable Keywords!
Thought I would give you an update on my google rankings. In less then a week I have hit the number tenWilliam-Thomas-SEO-Testimonial spot on google for security alarms, something I hadn’t been able to do in the past.

But even more impressive, Two of the security camera sites I built are in the top ten, one being number two. Combined with my old website and a paid site I have four of the top ten google listings under security cameras.

Now that is internet presence!

Thanks for everything.

-William R. Thomas
1st Choice Security Technologies, LLC.

Bob Maunsell, The Securty Marketing Guru Is Now Dominating His Marketplace And Niche!

Hey Bill,Bob-Maunsell-Security-Marketing

I Never Write Testimonials, But… When You Meet a Web Dude That Constantly Over-Delivers, and Goes Waaay Beyond The Call Of Duty, I Had To Sit Down And Write A Tell-All About The Unique Gifts, He Brings To The On-Line Marketing World…

I just want to let you know that my website is smokin’ hot now cuz of you. Dude, you really know how to deploy all the coolest Web 2.0 tricks and widgets that brings in new web traffic – like a two ton magnet!

My new site is something, I wanted to do myself, but I didn’t have the time or know-how to put something like it together.

So when I contacted you to discuss a game plan for a new web site design, I knew right away that I was in the hands of a master; someone who not only new Web 2.0 strategies and site design, but someone who knows how to optimize a site for traffic flow and is very knowledgeable in the Direct Response marketing aspect as well.

All of these things are crucial in today’s world of online selling, and you – my man – know your stuff!

As I mentioned above, I never write testimonials. But after working with you, I was so compelled to sit down and write you and let you know how incredible and talented I think you are!

-Bob Maunsell

President of Security Marketing Guru, Worldwide
President of Electronic Security Group, Inc.
Former Sergeant – United States Air Force (USAF)

P.S. To all reading this: It would be in your best interest to setup a meeting with Bill Parlaman and get your website optimized to swarm with traffic

Our Traffic Has More Than TRIPLED!Jason-Miles-SEO-Testimonial

Thanks Bill, Since our consulting session with you our site has more than tripled in monthly traffic…

We probably need to do another session with ya.

-Jason & Cinnamon
Liberty Jane Clothing

I Got A 20% Increase In Response OVERNIGHT!!Dr-Todd-Stone-SEO-Testimonial

Hey Bill,

I changed the site, as you suggested, and my overnight conversions were almost 20%!!!

I only put 50 bucks in each time to see what happens, and over the last week spent 150 with ZERO conversions.

You are a stud!!

Thanks again!

-Dr. Todd Stone
Asheville, NC

“I Added An Extra $10K A Year Net Profit Thanks To A One Hour Consultation Call WithDave-Lowrey-Radical -Marketing-Solutions-Testimonial Bill”

Before I hired Bill Parlaman to help me rank better on the search engines, I spent at least 125 hours (over 6 months) reading, studying, and implementing ideas with little result.

There are so many so called “experts” out there, who are just trying to sell you some useless information product.

I hired Bill for an hour of consulting, and he gave me at least 24 different action steps I could implement that would improve my website ranking and customer experience.

After finishing these actions steps, I saw immediate improvement with my internet leads and search engine ranking.

I probably earn about $10,000 a year in net profits from just one hour of consulting. I highly recommend Bill Parlaman to help you with your website and search engine rankings.

-Dave Lowery
Stress Free Property Management, Tampa FL

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