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How To Leverage Pinterest For SEO

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How To Use Pinterest For SEOpinterest-SEO

Pinterest brings contributors, brands and individuals together in a unique online community.

Active users in the community contribute by sharing photo and visual content on their own individual pinboards.

The user can pin on a number of subjects within one of several categories.

The content can be re-shared with others in the form of pinning. The more content is pinned, the more links are directed to a website.

Active users build a fan-base pinning their own content or sharing great content pinned by others.

The community attracts businesses, hobbyists, bloggers, writers, artists and individuals from a variety of different backgrounds.

Pinterest presents a wonderful marketing opportunity for any business. It can help your business establish a strong online presence, drives traffic, and when leveraged properly, it can help your SEO strategy.

Here are some things you can  do with Pinterest to get more traffic to your website:

1. As the content is created, the individual should think carefully about the right hashtag. The hashtag and the category the item is pinned in should fit the content to increase the “re-pinning” potential.

2. Any images pinned should be tied to a link on the website or blog the brand represents. Ideally, the image assigned to the URL used should be directly related to the Pinterest content being pinned.

As the popularity of the site continues to grow, the user stands a better chance of their content being shared outside of the Pinterest community and throughout the web. The sharing potential grows when the account is synced with Facebook or Twitter.

3. The keywords used should be researched to verify popularity. The keywords should be used to accurately describe the content being pinned. This gives the content a better chance of being ranked higher within Google.

4. On the brand or individual’s website, each post or other piece of content created should provide the viewer with the option to pin it. Whenever the user shares the content on Pinterest, the information is shared with a link pointing back to the site.

5. A keyword strategy should be developed. If a brand wants to use Pinterest, all content should be assigned to a certain group of keywords when uploaded. Those keywords should make up a larger keyword strategy, which should be revisited periodically to ensure relevance overtime.

In Pinterest, the brand does best when it actively engages with other users. To maximize efforts spent on the social networking site, a person should seek out peers within the same community to launch cross-promotional efforts. It also helps to pin the content of others in this sharing community.

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