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Market Samurai Review

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Click this link to get your FREE 30 day trial of Market Samurai

(Important: If you decide to purchase Market Samurai after clicking the above link, you should know I will be paid a commission by Market Samurai. I highly recommend Market Samurai and I use it almost everyday for my business. For this reason I feel very comfortable recommending Market Samurai to you.)

Market Samurai ReviewThe X’s And O’s Of SEO-Episode 19

Hi, Bill Parlaman from and this is Episode 19 of The X’s and O’s of SEO.

Today’s episode is a little bit different because I’m recording this video using Camtasia screen capture software.

This will allow you to look over my shoulder as I share with you my absolute favorite keyword research tool – Market Samurai.

I use Market Samurai in conjunction with the free Google keyword tool.

Market Samurai is a paid keyword tool, as you can see here I’m using the paid version, but I used Market Samurai in conjunction with the free Google keyword tool and here’s why.

Market Samurai, really is a time saver. It allows you to easily organize your keyword research campaigns and it allows you to find filters to the keywords that you’re searching for.

This way you can find the most profitable keywords that will rank in the shortest amount of time.

You see, there are two steps in keyword research.

1. You need to generate or build your master list of keywords.

2.You then need to take those keywords and drill down to find the keywords with the most search volume and the least amount of competition online. ( Meaning, other websites trying to rank for the same keywords.)

This way it will be easier for you to rank in the search engines for these keyword terms quickly, so you could start traffic to your website right away.

So, this is the paid version, again of Market Samurai. I will share a link with you at the end of this post where you can actually download Market Samurai for free for one month.

After one month, to buy Market Samurai is about $150.

This is a onetime investment and it really is an investment, if you’re doing keyword research of your website.

I will leave a link for you and that will allow you to download Market Samurai free for 30 days.  After those 30 days, you can decide whether or not you want to buy Market Samurai for yourself.

So, let’s get into today’s lesson and let me show you how you can use Market Samurai in your business.

So, the first thing you’ll see after you download Market Samurai and launch Market Samurai on your desktop or your pc or your Mac, you’ll see the screen and you’ll see new project.

What you want to do is open up the new project.

Now you come to the project settings and let’s say you own a business selling tea or you’re thinking about starting a website selling tea.

The first thing you’re going do is enter your main keyword.

For this example your keyword is going to be tea. Hit the tab and the rest of the form will auto populate and you just simply hit create.

So now, we’re in the keyword research area of Market Samurai.

The paid version of Market Samurai allows you to get some additional information but for today’s video, we’re only going to concentrate on SEO competition and keyword research.

So, like I said, there are 2 steps in keyword research. The 1st step is to build your master keyword list. So let’s do that.

We’re using the keyword tea and we want to click the keyword research button.

Now that we’re on the screen, we’re going to click the generate keywords button and this will generate suggested keywords from Google for the main keyword tea.

Market Samurai pulls their data from the free Google keyword tool and you’ll see in a moment why I like to use Market Samurai in conjunction with Google’s free keyword tool.

What I’m going to do is generate our keywords and while this loads up, I’m going to pause the video and I’ll be right back with you in a second.

Ok, so as you can see, Market Samurai has pulled a bunch of suggested keywords from Google’s keyword tool. These are keywords we should look at optimizing our website around.

And you can see here, it pulled in 101 keywords to research.

We can also add additional keywords if we want.

Let’s say I want to add “Bill’s tea”, we can simply enter it in this box and add this keyword to the group. We can also click the X if you want to get rid of any keywords that really do not make sense for our SEO campaign.

The next step we want to do is analyze our 102 keywords Market Samurai has found for us.

So I’ll click Market Samurai’s analyze keyword button. And now you’ll come to the keyword research screen where we are going to analyze the 102 keywords Market Samurai found for us.

Now, I’m not going to go through all of these different options Market Samurai offers but I do want to point a couple important ones.

We want to take a look at the total searches from Google.  These are the approximate number of people who search for keywords daily.

Rather than search with broad match, we’re going to use phrase here.

We’re going to get rid of trends but we want to see SEO completion.  Market Samurai’s SEO competition filter shows us how many other web pages are optimizing for these particular keywords.

So, this will give us an idea how competitive a niche or keyword will be to rank.

What I’m going to do here now is, I’m going to analyze all these keywords and Market Samurai is going to fill in all these blanks with important information we can analyze in just a moment. (  Video paused)

Market Samurai has a filled up all these blanks and has given us a ton of great information.

First you can see total daily searches. This is an approximate number of searches conducted by people on Google per day for these keywords.

Market Samurai’s SEO traffic tool shows how many clicks you could expect if you ranked #1 for these keywords. So, for example, if you were the #1 site on Google for tea party, you could expect to get about 20,712 clicks to your website.

The SEO competition basically states how many other web pages online are going after these phrases.

Some other information Market Samurai shows us is the average cost per click if you were using PPC.

What we want to do right now, is apply some filters to our keywords. We want to see if we can find any keywords that have descent amount of search volume  and low competition.

As you can see, we have 102 keywords in our Market Samurai master keyword list.

I typically like to start with about a 150,000 competing web pages online. So, let’s set our first filter to 150,000 pages on Google. And as you can see, it’s gone from 102 down to 20.

You can see we have a good keyword left “lemongrass tea”.

You can see we have 217 searches a day with only a 145,000 competing web pages.

So, you might want to add “lemongrass tea” to your Tea store.

If you have a website selling tea, lemongrass tea might be a keyword you want to add to your site and optimize the content for.

You can see loose green tea here. You can see here “buy tea online”, so if you have a website that’s selling tea, you might want to use these somewhere in your keywords on your website.

So, this gives you a ton of great information about the approximate search volume and then it eliminates the keywords with a ton of competition online.

Now that we have our master keywords, we want to look a little bit closer at lemongrass tea. We’ll want to see how difficult it will be to really optimize our website for lemongrass tea.

So, what I’ll do here is I’ll click this little key on Market Samurai and then another tab pops open right up here.

And what we’re going to do is view the SEO competition for those keywords.

So, here’s the Market Samurai SEO competition screen. I’m simply going to click generate results. (Video paused while Market Samurai populates data)

Ok, Market Samurai has come back with its results and now as you can see, there’s a ton of information.

Now, these color codes Market Samurai is showing are really important because what is this doing is showing you easy, medium and hard competition.

You typically want to see a lot of green and yellow here. Before we go into a niche, we want an idea of how difficult and how time consuming it could be to start ranking on the first page for a particular keyword.

The red color on Market Samurai means it’s a well optimized portion of their website.

Typically Market Samurai shows you the top 10 websites for a particular keyword. As you can see, it looks here for some reasons Market Samurai is only showing the top 9 websites.

Keep in mind, all you need to do is beat the top 10, and that’s why it’s good to show these top 10.

Market Samurai shows you the opportunities you have to get your website in the top 10 results on the first page on Google.

So, as you can see here, we got the different URL so you can actually view the URL. So, this is is #2. You can see all the different sites ranking in the top 10 for lemongrass tea.

We can also see how old the domain is. This is the domain age, so you can see some of these sites are very old- 11, 12, 13, 15 year old sites. So, it’s been around for a while.

Another thing that we could look at is page rank. This is Google’s estimation of how strong a website is.

So, we’re looking at the page rank 3. Here’s # 2,, this is a brand new site.

It’s not even a year old because we got a dash here, page rank 0.

We’re looking at how many pages are indexed in Google and they’re only showing 2.

How many other domains are sending links to the site – only 12. We can look at the back links coming into the page – only 33 back links are coming into this page.

And these are the amount of back links over all coming into the domain.

This shows you how many .edu and .gov back links. Typically, Google shows a little bit more love to .edu and .gov links are authority and powerful sites.

This is really cool to use because if you find a site that has five .edu back links, you can click on this result and it will take you to the actual websites where those links are coming from.

This might give you an opportunity to visit the site and get a link back to your site. So, very, very cool competitive advantage here from Market Samurai.

So, this shows you of the site listed on the DMOZ directory, or the Yahoo directory, Title, URL and description. Are these websites using this website here – – are they using the keyword in their title tag? Yes. In their URL? Yes. In their description? Yes. And their header tag? Yes.

All very important information. You can see here the #1 site which is the looks like just a page ranking for lemongrass. This site has a page rank of 3, a bunch of pages indexed but they’re not using lemongrass in the title, in the URL or description.

So, you can kind of see how well optimized these websites are for lemongrass tea.

And this last one here is very cool, this is the Google cache date. Market Samurai shows you the estimated time frame in which Google has come to a website and crawled it.

You can see here that our site was last crawled about 9 days ago.

Another cool thing Market Samurai let’s you do is look at the actual links and the link profiles coming into this site.

Let’s go ahead and click on this domain and now, what we’re going to do is, we’re going to take a look at the page rank analysis. (Pausing video while Market Samurai page rank analyzer runs)

Ok, so, here we are and as you can see, Market Samurai has brought us back some more information.

We can look at the page rank analysis and see, this site only has 8 links coming into this page and of these links, there’s one link with a page rank 2.

This link here is coming from a page rank 2 website. You got 1 link coming from a page rank 1 website and then we have a bunch of these that are coming from page rank 0 websites.

Market Samurai gives you a great idea how to beat out a site.

Let’s say you want to look at that #1 website in your niche.  Market Samurai makes it easy to see exactly how many links they have, where those links are coming from and what page rank those links are.

Market Samurai also lets you take a look at the anchor text link used.

Meaning the hypertext words used in the link.  As you well know – the proper keyword anchor text link coming into the page is a pretty strong ranking indicator for Google.

So, we’re going to go ahead and analyze the anchor text coming in and we can actually take a look at this. (Pausing Market Samurai as we run the anchor text tool)

As you can see, Market Samurai shows you the anchor text being used.

You can see here on the page rank 2 link coming into this website, the anchor text being used is Dean Coleman lemongrass uses and benefits.

You can get some keyword ideas here, we can see if they’re being optimized.

So, there you have it – My Market Samurai review for you.

Again, if you wanted to download a free copy of Market Samurai for 30 days, I will place a link at the bottom of this video. You can get it for free for 30 days and then it’s a $150 one time after those 30 days.

Click here to download your FREE 30 day trial of Market Samurai

So, I hope you enjoyed my review of Market Samurai.

If you have any questions, concerns about today’s video, please leave them in the comment box below this post.

If you have any ideas or questions you like me to answer and upcoming episodes of the X’s and O’s of SEO, please let me know those as well by leaving those in the comment box below.

And this is Bill Parlaman saying, “Now go, dominate Google!”

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