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Is Article Marketing Dead? The X And O’s Of SEO-Episode One

Hey everybody Bill Parlaman here from and I want to welcome you to the very first episode of “The X and O’s of SEO.”

The reason I call it “The X and O’s of SEO “is because I am going to be leveraging this whiteboard to diagram and show you exactly how some of these different SEO strategies really work.

I understand some people learn best by hearing, some people learn best by seeing, and some people learn best from reading. This is really the best of both worlds. These are going to be simple strategies that you can use and implement into your business right away.

This will be a weekly series I will be sending out. You can check it out on my blog. I will also send it out in my weekly email tips for you to check out.

Without any further ado, let’s get into this week’s lesson. This week we’ll answer the question, “Is all about is article marketing dead?”

I’m getting a lot of questions from marketers and business owners saying, “Hey, Bill. Is article marketing still a valid strategy for SEO? Is this something I should still be doing for my business?”

So what I’m going to show you a real life example of how you can leverage article marketing in your business. This is a real life example from one of my clients. It’s something I saw and I wanted to show you the power of this.

Recently Google has upgraded their algorithm. The algorithm is basically Google’s mathematical formula for how they decide to rank websites in the search engines.
This most recent Google algorithm update is called the Panda update.

What this update did was devalue article directories and content farms. Sites like, and just to name a few.

These sites existed solely to rank for certain search terms. The way these sites made their money was from banner ads and Google Adsense.

Google came in and said, “Hey, when people are searching for certain terms we are showing a lot of these articles on these article directories but the articles are poorly written.

They have very thin content.” Most of the time when you would do a Google search and click on the listing, you would have to click off anyway because the article really did not help you for what you were looking for – your problem, concern, or whatever it is.

People want to know, “Since these article directories and content farms are no longer ranking as high, should I still be using article marketing as a strategy?”

So let me show you a perfect example:

Here is my client’s site. My client is a business owner who caters to high end commercial real estate loans. He only loans starting at $3 million and up.

What we do for him every month is write content and put it on his website. Now with the most recent Google algorithm updates, the Panda update, it is very important that you put very high quality, very good content on your own site.

In the old days I might say, “If you have a new site you might want to consider putting your articles first on the article directory because they will show up faster and they will show up higher in the search engines.”

That is not happening any more so take your well written content and put it first on your site. That is what we did for the client. We put the article here.

Then we took the article that was on our client’s site and we rewrote it so it is pretty unique and we put it on the article directory site.

When this article goes on the article directory site there is a little box called the author box at the bottom of your article where you can put a couple of links back to your website.

We used the proper anchor text with our keywords – the anchor text in the article back to our site. What we have here is the article in the article directory and we have the link coming back to our website.

Understand the way Google ranks websites – it is still all about the links. It is going to be about quality content – what is on your page.

The way to really get your website ranking high in the search engine is to have a lot of quality one way back-links; meaning you have got a link coming from one site to your site. By taking the article and putting it on an article directory site we get the link here.

This is where article directory article marketing really gets powerful because what happens is we have this article here on the article directory with two links.

Now this third party website comes and they need content for their site so what they do is they come to the article directory, find our article because its well written, has good information, and then they put the article on their site.

Now there is two links on this site. Now this link is coming here back to our client’s site.

This is really how the power of article marketing works.

You may not be getting as much link juice or link power from the article site but when third party websites grab that article, put it on their site, and links back to your site,  you’re going to have a total of four links coming back to your site.

Suppose another website and another website and another website come and grab your content and put them on their site.

All different IP addresses, all different servers; you are going to have those links with the anchor text that you want, what you want this page to rank for, all coming into your site, making your page go up in the search engines.

I think that article marketing is still a very viable strategy for SEO if you use it right.

If you are writing good content that is solid so other websites grab that article, put it on their site, and you get the power of the links coming into your site.

That is it for the first week. I hope you enjoyed the lesson. This is Bill Parlaman from Radical Marketing Solutions saying,  “Go dominate Google.”

So there you have it!  The very first episode of “The X And O’s Of SEO.”  I hope you enjoyed it.

If you did, please feel free to leave your thoughts or questions in the comment box below

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6 Responses to “Is Article Marketing Dead? The X And O’s Of SEO-Episode One”
  1. Carlos says:

    That was really great information Bill. I was wondering if I should still do article marketing or not and you’ve just helped me with my decision.

    Thanks again!


  2. Maria says:

    Thanks, Bill. I was wondering whether article marketing was still viable, so thanks for clarifying.

  3. Hi Maria,

    Just be sure you are writing HIGH quality content other will want to pick up and put on their website! By the way, another bonus for having your website built on a WordPress platform are ping backs. I was notified by WordPress that this other site linked to my clients site. When I checked the link I saw it was a recent article we just posted.

  4. I’m glad this helped Carlos!

  5. Ann Byer says:

    Great presentation. Quality content is the way to go.

  6. Hi Ann! Thanks for checking in. And you are 100% correct…Great content is the key!

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