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Introducing This Week In Internet Marketing

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I get a lot of questions from business owners asking, “Bill, how do you keep up with everything that goes on in the world Internet Marketing Newsof SEO and internet marketing?”

The answer is always the same, “ I read A LOT!”

And to be honest, I feel a sense of responsibility to keep you up to date with the most current trends in this crazy world of internet marketing.

After all, you’re probably doing the same thing in your market place or niche.

So as we get ready to close our offices down for a long holiday weekend, I’d like to share with you a new feature we’ll be rolling out heading into 2012.

It’s called, “This Week In Internet Marketing.”

Here’s how it works…

Every Friday you’ll get a summary of some of the most important and interesting stories from the past week relating to internet marketing, SEO and technology.

You’ll find this information on my blog and if you’re on my list, you’ll get an email announcement each time we publish a new update.

Sound good? Great…let’s get into this week’s topics…

1. WordPress 3.3 Ready For Upgrading: Just a quick note to let you know we’ve upgraded all of our websites to the most current version of WordPress and have found no problems or bugs.  The most current version of WordPress is 3.3.  Just be sure to back up your entire site before upgrading. I wrote about WordPress 3.3 last week and you can read about it by clicking here.

2. GoDaddy Spams Their Way To The Top Of The Search Engines: I read an interesting post over on Joost de Valk’s website, about how GoDaddy is getting some incredible rankings for their top keywords. Basically Yoast “outs” GoDaddy for adding sneaky footer image links to their “Website Tonight” web building service.  Some SEO consultants have been saying footer links no longer help to increase SERP rankings. I know from my own testing sites that footer links do in fact still work. Read all about GoDaddy’s spammy link building techniques by clicking the link.

3. Google shows Google + Brand Pages In their Search Results: I noticed this the other day and has confirmed my findings. Google is now showing Google + Brand Pages in their search engine results pages. These are pretty much the same as Facebook Business pages. I find Google’s Brand pages boring, however,  if you want to rank in Google you better play in their sandbox. So, If you’re on Google + and own a business you should probably set up your Google + Brand page. Read all about Google + Brand Pages Showing Up In Google’s Search Results Pages. (If you are on Google + please be sure to add me and my Google + Brand page to one of your circles of influence. I’ll be sure to return the favor. Click the link to add me to your circles

4. The Most Popular SEO Posts Of 2011: Search Engine Land has released it’s list of it’s 25 most popular SEO Posts Of 2011. There is so much content in this post you could spend the rest of 2011 reading all of the content. If you’re short on time I would recommend you at least read the post by Tom Schmitz called, An SEO Playbook For 2012. This will get you ready for the new year.

Have a great weekend and I will talk to you soon.

Now go dominate Google, Bill Parlaman

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One Response to “Introducing This Week In Internet Marketing”
  1. Ann Byer says:

    Looking forward to your weekly posts! Thanks for staying on top of your game.

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