The Beginners Guide To Small Business Internet Marketing-Keyword Research

Hi Bill Parlaman here from and this video one of The Beginners Guide To Small Business Internet Marketing…

How to take your offline business online.

And today, I’m going to talk to you about keyword research.

I believe keyword research is the most important strategy any small business owner can do to ensure successful online marketing campaign when taking your offline business online.

What is a Keyword?Keyword-Research-For-Small-Business-Owners

A keyword is a word or series of words or phrase that your buyers and prospects type in to the search engine – like Google – to find information online.

So, let’s say I’m looking for a florist in the Philadelphia area. I would go to Google and type the words Philadelphia florists into the search box.

Google will go out into the internet and search for the best and most relevant website related to the keyword phrase, “Philadelphia florists”.

Google will then present the best website results to me on their search engine’s result page.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the actual act of searching for the words and phrases your buyers and prospects are searching for online.

It’s your way to find the exact phrases and words your prospects and buyers are typing into the search engines to find the products and services that you sell.

Why is Keyword Research Important?

Understand most people do not go past the second page of Google when doing their web searches.

So, it is very important as business owners that your website shows up on the first page of Google for whatever products or services you sell.

Another reason that keyword research is so important because many times you may have your website optimized for one set of words but yet your prospects and buyers are searching for entirely different type of word or phrase that you are not aware of.

So keyword research will help you find the golden nuggets – the exact words or phrases your buyers are searching for online.

Keyword research will also help you determine whether or not your website is optimized properly.

Checking for some unusual search terms people are looking for online.

So, you can then optimize your website to show on the first page in Google for those terms.

How to get started with keyword research?Keyword-research-for-beginners

1.  Free Google Keyword tool. The easiest is through this tool. You just go to Google and type in Keyword Tool. It is typically the first result that shows up on the search engine of the results page.

Once you click it, you can see that you can add a bunch of different keywords into their box and the Google Keyword Tool will present you with suggested keyword phrases and topics that you might want to use for your website.

It will also show an approximate amount of search volume – meaning, how many people are searching for this particular keyword in your market.

2.  SEOMoz Keyword Competition Tool. The second thing that you want to check for is keyword competition meaning how competitive is this keyword going to be to rank for online.

A great way that you can do that is by checking in the SEO Moz Keyword Competition Tool.

Just go to Google, type in SEOMoz Competition Tool.

It will allow you to type in a keyword and it will show how difficult or how easy it would be for you to rank in Google for that particular keyword.

So, I hope you enjoy today’s lesson on keyword research.

If you like more information, I would suggest that you pick up a copy of my free report.

You can grab it right here on my website and the 7 most common and costly mistakes business owners make when taking their offline business online.

And this is Bill Parlaman saying, “Now go, dominate Google!”

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