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Hi Bill Parlaman from and this is Video 8 of The Beginners Guide to Small Business Internet Marketing – How To Take your Offline Business – Online.

Today, I have a very exciting topic to discuss with you it is all about the money.

You’ve done your keyword research, you’ve created your website, you’ve got traffic to your site, and now you have a prospect on your site who whipped out their credit card they’re ready to spend money on your products and services.

Now you need a way to accept your prospect’s credit card information and get that money into your account. Let’s talk about the two different ways there are to accept credit card payments online.

Two Ways to Accept Credit Cards

1. Your own merchant Account.

What a merchant account does? They are in business to collect the credit card information from your customers, process it and then deposit those funds into your bank account.

When you open your merchant account, there is an application process, they will run your credit report and there will a fee associated with application process.

There are a couple benefits to having your own merchant account. First, is typically the per transaction fees. In other words, how much they charge you to process each transaction on your website, which is typically lower than some of the other options you have online.

Secondly, it is much more professional to have your own merchant account. So, if you have a large site or if you’re a well-known brand or business, it is probably smarter idea to have your own merchant account.

Let’s talk about how this whole process actually occurs and how the merchant account, they process the credit card naturally, get to the point where they put your money into your bank account.

The first thing you need to know is, it starts with an online shopping cart. The shopping cart is the mechanism that actually takes your customer’s credit card information, address, names, and then sends it over to the payment gateway.

Now, what an online payment gateway does is they actually encrypt the information and then send the information to your merchant account, process it and then deposits the money into your bank account.

The shopping cart is an internet-based shopping cart, you can create the forms and codes and then copy and paste it to your website and then all the different forms show up on your website to take the credit card information.

A lot of people ask me who I use, so I am going to share this with you. I use as my payment gateway. I have had excellent result with them. A lot of online marketers, business owners use them and they specialize payment gateway for credit card payments.

For my merchant account, I use PowerPay. There are many, many merchant accounts out there. Just do a Google search and you’ll find a bunch of them. I use PowerPay because they have a special division within their business that focuses solely on people who sell things online.

They understand my business and we have a very good working relationship and they’ve been excellent for me. Those are the 3 resources I want to share with you.

2. Create a Third Party Merchant Account.

Now, let’s talk about Third Party Merchant Accounts. You probably recognize some of these businesses like PayPayl, Google Checkout, ccBill.

Third party merchant account is typically, there are no set-up fees so you can get your third party merchant account set-up and ready to go. However, the per transaction fees are typically much higher than if you have your own merchant account. So, you just need to weight that out.

Also, third party merchants are good for newer businesses online. If you only have a few things that you are selling.

There’s not as much perceived professionalism when using one of these types of check out processes. Sometimes, people don’t feel comfortable putting your credit card to something like Paypal or Google Checkout.

There’s a little more friction from their customers giving you their payment information and using these kinds of companies. But if you’re new just starting out, or if you’re going to test out a new product, it is very easy to use these guys.

Again, in order to get a payment button on your site in order to take the payments, it will be an HTML code that you copy/paste and put it in your website.

So, there you have it. Those are the two ways that you can accept credit card information online.

And if you need anymore information or if you like to learn more about getting your business up and running online, request a copy of my free report, with your name and email in the opt-in box, on the top right of this website.

Free report is The 7 Most Commonly and Costly Mistakes Business Owners Make when Taking their Offline Business – Online.

And this is Bill Parlaman saying, “ Now go, dominate Google!”

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