Creating Your Small Business Website-The Beginners Guide To Small Business Internet Marketing

Hi, Bill Parlaman from RadicalMarketingSolutions.Com and this is Video two of  The Beginners Guide to Small Business Internet Marketing – How to Take your Offline Business Online.

In video one, you and I discussed keyword research.

How to find the words and phrases your buyers are searching for online.

So, now that you have an understanding of what your buyers are searching for, it’s time to create your website.

Creating Your Websitecreating-your-small-business-website

1.  Use WordPress: My first recommendation to you is create your website using WordPress.

WordPress is a free, downloadable website building tool that easily allows you to create a  website in 5 minutes or less.

WordPress originally became famous for its blogging platform but has developed into an excellent content management system.

Meaning, it’s an excellent place to manage your reading content, video content and your images all in one place so it is placed on the internet for your buyers to see.

Some of the reasons I love WordPress are:

  • It is SEO friendly. WordPress comes search engine optimized right out of the box. Meaning that the search engine can easily find your website based on the build–in functionally already inside WordPress.
  • It’s easy to upload and update your content. You can add freshly content whenever you want. You don’t have to articles to your webmaster and hope they are around to publishing those on your website. You are in control of your website whenever you want.
  • Internet-based. Meaning, you can access your website as long as you have access to the internet and you can add articles, videos and images whenever you would like. One of the other reasons that I love WordPress is WordPress Plug-ins. Plug-ins are actually extensions or added functionality that you can add to your website that in the old days you need to hire a website developer or programmer to create. But WordPress has a ton of these already for you totally free.
  • It’s easy to install. As I mentioned before, if you follow long to this tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can install WordPress on your server in less than 5 minutes and have a website up and running.
  • WordPress is open-source software. Meaning that there are a lot of smart developers and programmers out there always working on WordPress creating new plug-ins, creating new WordPress themes. So, you as the business owner get the benefit from these developers improving WordPress all the time.

2.  Choose a Domain Name:  So, now you know how you’ll going to build your website, let’s talk about choosing a domain name to use with your website.

Some of the tips that I recommend for your in choosing a great domain name is to make sure you use your keyword inside your domain name.

If you’re concern about your brand or you want to use your business name in your domain name, then that’s fine.small-business-website-design-strategies

But if you’re not concern with brand or your business name, and you want to rank for certain types of keywords, I highly recommend that you add your keyword to your domain name.

The second tip that I’d like to recommend as far as domain name is keep your domain name short. Under 12 characters is best.

The reason for this is a short domain name is easier to remember and it is much easier to type into the search bar.

Also, avoid using hyphens in your domain name. And make sure you stick to the top level domain names like .com, .org or .net.

Once you have some ideas picked out for the domain name, you need to check to make sure that they are available, that you can actually use them for your website and some other business has not use them.

So, what you need to do is you need to go to a domain registrar.

I recommend GoDaddy and you can simply go in, type in the domain name that you like, click search and GoDaddy will tell you whether or not that domain name is available.

If it is, simply just click the buy button.

I think it’ll cost you $10 or $11, something like that, to buy domain name and then you off to the races.

3.  Choose a Hosting Company:  Now that you have your domain name picked out, it’s time to choose hosting.

As a mentioned earlier, WordPress is super easy and quick to be installed.

If you follow these instructions and if you go with the hosting companies I’m about to recommend, its super easy.

Otherwise, you’ll going to need install databases and kind of play around with some code and that’s not really what you want to do.

So, I recommend using a hosting company, either HostGator  or BlueHost.

Both of these hosting companies are WordPress friendly.

They come with Cpanel hosting, MySQL database, PHP support and Fantastico One Click WordPress install.

Once you access your Cpanel host, you’ll find there WordPress Fantastico One Click install.

You’ll click it and less than 5 minutes you have a website up and running.

So, these are the company’s I recommend as far as hosting.

Critical Components Of Your Websitesmall-business-website-design

Let’s talk about some critical components you really need to have on your website.

  • Headline-It is really important that you have a benefit-rich headline. So that it gets people into the rest of your body copy. You have about 5 – 7 seconds on average to grab your prospect’s attention. So, having a great, benefit-rich headline on your homepage’s website will help tell the prospects or your buyers exactly where they are on your website.
  • About Page-You want to make sure you have a About Page. Believe it or not, your About Page is probably your second most visited webpage on your website. Your About Page should tell your story, why you’re in business, how you got into business. So, make it fun, tell your story. That’s really important.
  • Contact Page-You want to make sure that you have a Contact Page on your website. This is where you’ll going to have your name, your email, your business address and you also want to put some sort of form in there where people can type-in their name and they can email you directly from your website. If you using WordPress, there’s some excellent WordPress plug-ins that easily allow to you to create these Contact Forms so make sure you have a Contact Page on your website.
  • Lead Capture Form-You want to have a lead capture form on your website. This is where you can capture names and emails in exchange to some sort of free information like a free report, newsletter. Because you want to capture the leads that comes to your website that may not be ready to buy from you when they first visit your website. On average, it takes about 7 contacts from you before people online feel comfortable buying from your. So, having a lead generation form on your website is really important to establish trust with your prospects.
  • Tracking –Finally, you want to track your results. Any good direct response marketers news, your marketing efforts needs to be tracked and measured. So, some of the free tracking mechanisms that I recommend are:small-bussiness-website-creation-tips

Google Analytics will show you how much traffic you’re getting to your website, how long your people and visitors are staying on your website, how many pages they are going through on your website and what keywords are they typing in to find your website. So, it’s really important.

Google Webmaster Tools will tell you if you have problems with your website. You have certain pages that are blocked from the search engines, you have any viruses or malware on your website and other things like whose linking to your website, and additional keyword information. So, it’s important to submit your website to Google’s Webmaster Tools. And again, if you are using WordPress, there are excellent plug-ins for these so it’s super easy to add.

So, this is Episode 2 of The Beginner’s Guide to Small Business Marketing.

If you would like more information, I suggest you grab a copy of my free report called:

” The 7 Most Common And Costly Mistakes Business Owners Make When Taking Their Offline Business Online”

And this is Bill Parlaman saying, “Now go, dominate Google!”

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