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How To Get Invited To Google +1

I don’t normally post during the weekend unless there is something really important you should know. Google +1 Image

The reason for today’s post is because I’ve been testing out the new Google +1 social networking platform and I’m loving it.

You’ll be amazed how much it looks just like Facebook but with much cooler functions.

For instance, Google +1 is all about creating social circles.

What this means is you can actually segment the people you’re connected to into specific groups.

For example, I have groups created for “Marketing Mentors”, “Family”, and my “Mastermind Group” just to name a few.

I can then choose to only view posts, comments and shares from these select groups eliminating the “fluff” you get with Facebook.

It’s very similar to the way Twitter allows you to segment the people you are following into lists.

This way you can simply view the tweets you’re most interested in reading.

One of the other cool features of Google +1 is the ability to create “hang outs” within your social circles.

A “hang out” is a group video chat.Google +1 Hang Out

I can see this becoming a powerful feature for those of you running coaching groups, masterminds and one-on-one consulting.

The video feeds make things much more personal than a telephone conference.

The problem with Google +1 right now is the ONLY way to register is by invitation only.

The good news is since I’ve been accepted as a Google +1 beta tester I have the ability to send out invites.

So, if you’re interested in checking out Google +1 and becoming a part of my “social circle”, please leave a request in the comment box below.

Please be sure to leave your full name and email.

Also feel free to leave other comments or questions as well.

I will send your Google +1 invitation as I receive your request.

Also, please feel free to tweet this post or share the link with your Facebook friends. ( FYI- Sharing links on Facebook appears to be more powerful than a “like” in the eyes of Google. This is why I ask you to share my link. I would suggest you adopt this same strategy for your business.)

I would really appreciate it.

Have a great weekend and I hope to connect with you on Google +1.

Now go Dominate Google, Bill Parlaman

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92 Responses to “How To Get Invited To Google +1”
  1. Jenny Dow says:

    I’d love an invitation if you have some left. Thank you so much.

  2. Nina says:


    I really appreciate you sharing such great news about Google+. It sounds so much more streamlined and efficient than Facebook! You are very kind to share your knowledge and suggestions and send out invitations. I hope you invite me – I’m looking forward to a new social media vehicle!

  3. Mike Thomas says:

    Please send me a invitation to google +. Thank you.
    Mike Thomas

  4. Angie Nesbitt says:

    I would love an invite Bill !!! thanks! your awesome!

  5. Tom Hobbs says:

    Invite me please.

  6. Hi Nina,

    Thank you so much for checking in. I’m glad you enjoyed the information.


  7. Grant Shoemaker says:

    I have been anxiously awaiting Google +. An invite would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  8. Hi Grant,

    Thanks for stopping by. I will send your invite over in a bit.



  9. Leigh Ann Jones says:

    Would live an invite. Thanks

  10. Leigh Ann Jones says:


  11. Drew says:

    hey man, if you have any left, i’d love one

    Drew –

  12. chris gibson says:

    Please send me an invite

  13. Gavino says:

    Could it be possible for you to invite me into Google+–assuming it wouldn’t be a huge hassle?

    Thanks in advanced,

  14. Terence says:

    I think this might be better than facebook. Please invite me Bill.

  15. Terence says:

    I think this will be better and bigger than fb..Please send me an invite Bill.

  16. Nick Trotman says: Hello, if you have any invites left I would very much appreciate one please :)

  17. Nick Trotman says:

    Hi, If you still have some Google Plus invites left can you please send me one? It looks great! Thanks :)

  18. Ron Eccles says:

    Please send invite to Google +1

  19. Nick Urban says:

    Hey Bill – Can you get me an invite?

  20. Ryan says:

    I would love an invite!!

  21. Steven Sauder says:

    If I could get an invite it would make my day! Thanks!

  22. Jane Hellwig says:

    I would love an invitation if you have any left. thanks for the information!

  23. Gavino Vargas says:


    I hope that you could invite me into Google+! It seems like a solid social networking website! And, if you do invite me into Google+, man, I’ll make sure to dominate Google!!

    Fellow Reader,

  24. Brittany bradford says:

    Please invite me

  25. D. Smiley says:

    This must be better than facebook, Please send me an invite so I can move to something better. Thanks

  26. Todd Stone says:

    Send me one, Bill!

  27. Terence says:

    Hey Bill, please resend the invite. I accidentally deleted while doing a sweep.

  28. Mike Ruiz says:

    Bill Pls send me a invite to google + ! I’ve heard great things about it and would like to check it out. Thanks!!! MR

  29. Bryan Foss says:

    Would love to get an invite if you can. Thanks

  30. Charlie Callari says:

    I would love a Google invite. Thanks,


  31. James Brennan says:

    I would like an invite to GOOGLE+. Thank you.

  32. Ivan Skarica says:

    Ivan Skarica

    Pls. send me an invite for G+. I`ve heard so much about it that I will explode if dont check it out.

  33. Mary Kruger says:

    Domination GOOD, Her Highness must have! Please send me an invite, and I thank you very much!

  34. Alan Fowkes says:


    Can you please send me an invite to Google +1.


  35. Joe says:

    Please send an invite, would really appreciate it. Thank you.

  36. Chris says:

    I would love a Google+ invite if it is still available. Thanks.

  37. ed burke says:

    Hey Bill – Can you get me an invite? cheers

  38. Sarper Kerman says:

    Hey Bill!

    I’m very interested about finding out more about this new social networking platform! I’d really appreciate it if you sent me an invitation if still possible. thanks a bunch for doing this!

    Sarper Kerman

  39. Azka says:

    Would love an invite if you still have some left. :)

  40. Ilze says:

    after you article I want to use google + even more, i would be really happy for your invitation :)


  41. Hi,Bill

    Can you please send me an invite to Google +1 ?
    My other email is :
    (in greek)Παρακαλώ μπορεις να με προσκαλέσεις στο Google +1 ;


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