If you’re a small business owner looking for Google Analytics Training you’re in the right place.Google-Analytics-Training

In this course, you’ll discover how Google Analytics can help you dramatically improve your ability to understand and improve your website.

You’ll learn how to evaluate your marketing efforts using Google Analytics and determine how your visitors are reaching your site and how to evaluate the value of each visitor.

Google Analytics can also show you exactly how your visitors interact with your website’s content.

You’ll discover how to track all of your online marketing efforts using  Google Analytics.

You’ll be able to identify the areas of your website not performing they way they should and more importantly, you’ll identify areas of your site that are holding you back.

Whether you are new to Google analytics or you just want a closer look at how to utilize Google Analytics, we’ll show you all the essentials you need to know to take advantage of this powerful and free web analytics tool.

Modern business intelligence and web analytics tools give us the ability to collect a staggering amount of data.

In fact, the problem now is not that we can’t get the data, it is just that we have so many tools and sources of data that we can’t possibly process it all. And as a result, we are being buried by it.

The goal of today’s analytics is not just to collect the data and store it away in meaningless charts and graphs or worst yet, to store the raw in digital vaults.

But rather, we want to take that raw data, organize it into something that we can use, something actionable, something that has importance to us and meaning to us as people.

From a business perspective, we need to be able to answer all the questions that are fundamental to effectively marketing and doing our businesses.

And while these questions can get very specific and complex, they don’t have to be.

Google Analytics Training For Small Business Owners

Below you’ll find find six easy to understand Google Analytics training articles.

These articles are written in plain simple English making it really easy for even the most novice Google Analytics user.

Brand new to Google Analytics? No problem. I’ve created a simple to undertand video where I walk you step by step everything Google Analytics has to offer. You’ll also find the complete transcription below the video.

Not quite sure the difference between Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools? Below you’ll find a step-by-step guide showing the difference between the two web analytics programs.

Now that you understand the difference between Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools you’ll want to connect the two. Below you’ll find an easy to follow guide to connecting your Google Analytics account to your Google Webmaster Tools.

Since Google Analytics reports can be a little intimidating at first, I’ve created a post explaining the 7 most important Google Analytics Reports every small business owner should know.

Now that you’ve got a better understanding of Google Analytics and it’s capabilities, you’re now ready to find the hidden traffic opportunities inside your Google Analytics account.

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