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The Number One Rule Of An Effective Marketing Campaign

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So last time you and I spoke we discussed the three components every business MUST use to run an effective marketing campaign.

Let’s just review real quick, shall we?

Every Marketing campaign MUST have all three of these components at all times!  No exceptions!

1. The Right Market-The WHO your message is supposed to reach.  Lets use a mouse in our example. Suppose  a mouse is your customer  and he has taken up residence in your home.  So now we know the “who”.

2. The Right Message– Now that you know  “who” you are going after,  you need decide what kind of bait you’re going to use to catch your mouse. The bait has to be enticing and exciting so the mouse is interested enough to come over and take a nibble.  You see, the message or the “bait” is what you use to get the direct response you are looking for.  So you might consider offering a FREE Report or information to your prospects in exchange for their email but your “bait” has to be so enticing it gets a response from your intended target.  Far to many people try to catch a mouse without any bait!

3.The Right Media-The media is basically how you will present your message or your bait. If you are trying to catch a mouse you wouldn’t use a bug zapper would you?  No of course not, you would use a mouse trap. Or maybe you might try some of that sticky paper or one of those “animal friendly” traps.  Either way the important take away here is to use multiple types of media. You have a much better chance of catching that mouse if you use multiple forms of media as opposed to just using one little trap.

Think of these components as a 3 legged stool. If you’re missing just one of these legs, your tool will tip over just like your marketing campaign!

Now that you have the three marketing components down cold, you’ll need to know the “rules” you must follow when launching your marketing campaign.

The first rule of direct response marketing is this:

1. There Must Always Be An Offer!

Regardless of the media you are using to reach your prospect you must make a compelling offer to get your prospect to respond. Just like the mouse, this is the bait!  The better the bait or offer the better the chance you have of catching that mouse!

Now you probably would not set your trap out without any bait would you?  So why would you send out a piece of direct mail out without an offer and why are you not offering some sort of FREE information on your website or business blog in exchange for your prospects email address ?

Every time you send out a post card, sales letter or website without out an offer you are essentially trying to catch a mouse without bait.  No wonder so many folks say direct mail doesn’t work or they can’t build a list with their website or business blog!

This is what Radical Marketing Solutions is so powerful!  Doing whatever it takes to completely dominate your market and niche utilizing all the tools in your marketing tool box and NOT just relying on one type of marketing strategy!

Now get busy, Bill Parlaman


If you would like your marketing questions answered please feel free to leave you questions or comments here on my blog. I’d love to know what’s going through your mind.


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