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Direct Response Marketing, What The Heck Is It Anyway?

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Most Marketing is not designed to anything outside of get you recognized.

Direct Response Marketing however is designed to get a direct response to the message you are putting out to your prospects.

Take my website for example, I ask you for your name and email and in exchange I’ll send you marketing tips and marketing information.

You are directly responding to my offer.

You are asking your customer or prospect to respond to the message you are presenting.

Here are the basic components to Direct Response Marketing-

1. Your Message (What you are saying to your prospect)

2.Your Market (Who you are saying it to)

3.Your Media (How you are saying it, post cards, TV, radio or internet)

You must make sure you are presenting the “right” message to the “right” marketing using the right “media.”

You see the worse thing you can do is say you have “x” to sell and then you go out and try to find someone to buy your “x”

Now within the principles of Direct Response Marketing there are 10 Rules you MUST follow in order for your direct response marketing campaign to work.

So lucky for you I will cover each of the 10 rules in their entirety so that your next marketing campaign is a smashing success!

Now, I will say this, these rules DO apply to both online and offline businesses.

Must use Direct Response Marketing principles on your website design!

This is probably the biggest mistake I see business owners make with their website.

It is nothing more than an electronic business card taking up space on the world wide web.

It this economy it’s not going to be enough guys,  you need to start seeing the light!

There is no such thing as “My Business Is Different!”

You see, in this economy you MUST use every weapon in your arsenal!

There is a bloody and bitter war out there right now and if you come to the battle with just a pee shooter you’re going to just another bloody mess lying in the street!

This is what Radical Marketing Solutions is all about!  Using ALL your weapons and the tools in your tool box.

Now get busy, Bill Parlaman

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