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Craig Garber’s Seductive Selling Newsletter Reviewed

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It’s Bill Parlaman here from and today I would like to tell you about Craig Garber’s Seductive Selling newsletter.

This is by far the most important marketing newsletter I receive for my business.

Every month I look forward to receiving it because really it is a marketing lesson in an envelope every month.

So without any further ado, let us get inside and see what you get when you subscribe to Craig’s Seductive Selling newsletter.

As you pull this out you will see that you have the newsletter. Every month you get a recorded interview with Craig. This month’s interview is all about Eugene Swartz and marketing copywriting lessons from Eugene Swartz which I cannot wait to listen to.

Obviously, you get the newsletter. This is a 12 page newsletter. It has got lots of pictures and interesting stories in it. This is very small type so 12 pages, small type, tons of information inside this newsletter. Like I said, it is a marketing course every month that comes to your business.

The other things that you will see that you get it you get marketing examples that Craig actually goes through and marks up and shows you the good, the bad, and ugly. Then he basically rewrites the ad and in the newsletter tells you why he is doing what it is that he is doing; which is really important because then you can follow along. Then in your own marketing, your sales letter, you can apply these principles right away.

One of the first things that I always like to do is grab my trusty highlighter, grab the newsletter, and in the beginning of the newsletter he walks you through the different copy critiques and the write ups and the different copy pieces that he has here. I go through, highlight them, and make sure I have all of those.

Another thing that I like in the newsletter is the Q&A Copywriting Marketing Secrets live from the King’s Treasure Chest. This is basically where his subscribers send in questions about copywriting, marketing, and lead generation and Craig will take the question and break it down into plain, simple English and explain to you how to do things better and just answering the questions. This is super, super cool.

Of course, I have to mention Words From the Backend. This is the section that my wife grabs my newsletter and she loves to read it. This is typically some sort of human interest story. It is some sort of story that is going on in Craig’s life or with his family; just kind of things that he has seen and noticed in life. It is very interesting reading. I always love to read the final words from the Backend.

Inside this there is actually a sales letter that he writes.  This is a perfect example on how you can send your marketing pieces with an offline newsletter if you are using your sale letters out using direct mail.

Again, yes, I am an online “marketer.” My business is basically helping business owners get their website found on Google and the other search engines. It is very important if you are online or offline, Craig’s newsletter applies to both. You can take these offline direct marketing concepts and easily apply them to online marketplace. Craig has a lot of good information in there about online marketing and offline marketing strategy.

I would highly recommend that you pick up a copy of Craig’s Seductive newsletter.

If you want to order his newsletter through my website, you can click on the link below and that will take you right to Craig’s website and you can subscribe to the newsletter there.

Craig Garber’s Seductive Selling Newsletter

This is Bill Parlaman saying, “Now go dominate Google.”

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