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Craig Garber Lead Generation Explosion System Reviewed

As a small business owner I don’t have to tell you lead generation marketing is the life blood of any business.  In fact, one of the most devastating mistakes you  can make as a business owner is not having a consistent and predictable system for generating leads.

The good news is, Craig Garber’s “Lead Generation Explosion” marketing system is one of the best lead generation marketing systems I’ve ever seen.

Craig shares the exact multi-step lead generation campaign system he used to help his client, Brian Deacon achieve a 42.7% response rate!

Below are a few of the reasons you’ll absolutely love this lead generation marketing system.

1. The Thank You Letter. Craig’s thank you letter is a marketing lesson alone.  After he thanks you he walks you through the lead generation system and explains everything inside. This is a great “stick” strategy you can use in your business.

2. The Quick-Start Cheat Sheet. This is a 15 step checklist that walks you step-by-step through the entire system. The cheat sheet helps build a solid foundation for your lead generation marketing campaign. This is also another great “stick” strategy you can use if you create your own products.

3. Three Step Post Card System. You get all 3 post cards front and back.  These are the actual post cards Brian sent out with the sales copy Craig wrote.

4.  Landing Page Copy And Format Instructions. You get the sales copy Craig created for Brian’s online landing page. You also get to see how Craig had Brian format the page. This is easy to duplicate for your own marketplace.

5. The Thank You page. This is the sales copy for the thank you page after Brian’s prospects entered their name and email on the landing page. Craig uses at least 5 strategies on this thank you page I’ve NEVER seen anyone else use!

6.  Five Part e-mail Auto-Responder Follow Up Sequence. Craig actually gives you the five follow up emails he wrote for Brian.  These are the emails sent through an auto responder to Brian’s prospects reminding them of the upcoming and webinar and keeping them excited to attend. How many times have you struggled to come up with your auto-responder content? NOT anymore!

7.  Three Fax Blast Reminders. You get all the sales copy and formatting for three fax blast reminders you can send your prospects.

8. Webinar Notes. Craig shares his notes he sent to Brian on how exactly to run his webinar. Included in these notes are how to open your webinar, the “meat” of your webinar and how to close.  One of the strategies I personally use and is EXTREMELY powerful at keeping your folks on webinars longer.

9. Post Card Sales Copy Reviews. Craig reviews the sales copy on all three post cards and puts this on DVD for you to see. You watch over his shoulder as he explains each detail of what went into creating this winning lead generation marketing campaigns. ( There is NO price you can put on this training if you write your own sales copy)

10. Two Bonus Coaching Calls On Lead Generation Marketing. These are the actual recordings of two live coaching calls Craig held on lead generation. The first call was an overview of what you must know about lead generation marketing. The second call was dedicated to writing your FREE lead generation reports. You get the cd’s and the transcriptions of these calls.

11.  Bonus CD Sales Copy Review. Craig reviews another ad he created from scratch that produced a 7.5% response rate!  This is huge considering most direct mail campaigns produce no more than about 2-3% response rate.

12. The Actual Word Documents & PDF Software files. These are the actual files you can load up to your computer and duplicate Craig’s direct mail lead campaign. Of course you’ll want to change the sales copy to tailor your marketplace and niche.

I’ve used this system with success on numerous occasions to fill live events and online training seminars. I’ve also broken up this system and used bit and pieces in other marketing campaigns I saw fit.

Craig Garber’s Lead Generation Explosion is one of those resources NO entrepreneur, info-marketer or business owner should be without!

If you have any questions about this system do not hesitate to shoot me an email or call my office.

I hope you find this review helpful.

Click the blue highlighted link to purchase  ” Lead Generation Explosion” or find out more.

Talk to you soon, Bill Parlaman

P.S. If you choose to purchase Craig’s lead generation marketing system through my site, I want you to know I’ll be paid a sales commission.  I do in fact own Craig’s system and I  use it in my business.

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2 Responses to “Craig Garber Lead Generation Explosion System Reviewed”
  1. Maria says:

    Bill, is your desk really that clean? Somehow that doesn’t surprise me! Nice video.

  2. Hi Maria,

    Thanks for checking in and leaving a comment. I’m glad you like my video. I hope to make more. And yes, my desk IS usually clean. I cant’ think straight if I have clutter around me.


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