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Business Blogs : How To Trouble Shoot Your Business Blog!

Just got a call a little while ago from one of my favorite clients who stated the entire right side panel and Blog section of his Business Blog was not showing up in the Internet Explorer web browser.

I immediately checked it out and sure enough– it was screwed up in IE!

Well Internet Explorer has its own issues  and I’ll touch on them at the end of this post but I needed to diagnose my clients problem right away!

So the first thing you’ll want to do after you’ve noticed  a broken theme on your Blog is to  trouble shoot it.

Ask yourself if you have installed any new widgets on your business Blog which might effect your theme…if you have, remove them right away and see if your theme returns to normal.

Make sure you only do this one widget at a time so you catch the little bugger responsible for your heartburn!

Next ask yourself if you have recently installed a new WordPress plugin.

In fact, one of the first things you’ll want to do with a broken WordPress theme is disable ALL the plugins and activate them one by one until you find the culprit, if any…

Well unfortunately in my clients case it was not a widget or a plugin.

So the next thing we checked were  the last few posts he published.

Ah-ha here’s the problem!

My client had written a few of his last Blog posts on a word doc and did not run it through an offline Blog editor like “Blogdesk” or  “Notepad.”

By running your text through notepad or Blogdesk it strips all the weird HTML formatting from the post and gives you nice clean content for your blog.

The funky HTML coding is what actually knocked his site for a loop!

Problem fixed…disaster averted!

So anyway back to the problems with Internet Explorer…

Here’s the problem in a nutshell…

You see, the Internet is built around agreements that bind it together.

In other words, the Internet follows a certain set of rules where everyone agrees for the good of the Internet to speak the same language, this way we all get to see the same thing no matter where we are viewing a web-page.

For example, if someone looks at a web-page while in Australia, the same web page should look exactly the same to someone viewing it in Anchorage, Alaska…got it?

These rules and web standards are agreed upon by folks who have the sole purpose of making a better more enjoyable Internet experience for you and I.

These rules and agreements basically dictate how a web-page looks to you and I in a web-browser.

I’m not losing you am I?  Good…lets keep going!

Ask any web designer and they will agree– Microsoft Internet Explorer is the absolute worst web-browser for supporting these rules and agreements.

For whatever reason IE and Microsoft refuse to play by the rules forsaking these standards just to tick a bunch of people off…especially web-designers!

It’s like we are the biggest and baddest so screw your rules, we play by our own!

But there is hope!

Go out right now while this is still fresh on your mind and download my favorite web-browser MozillaFirefox!

It’s free and you’ll be much happier with your choice of browser I guarantee it!

Tomorrow I’ll be back to fill you in on some of the benefits of using MozillaFirefox over some of the other Internet browsers out there.

Now get busy, Bill Parlaman

P.S. Editing this post on 2/9/2011. Just found another good post over on Click the link to discover How to troubleshoot WordPress.

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2 Responses to “Business Blogs : How To Trouble Shoot Your Business Blog!”
  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

    I have a question for you — I cut and paste all the time from Word into Notepad (the one that came with my computer, which I assume is the same one you’re discussing above) and then try to cut and paste from Notepad into the WYSIWYG editor and it still brings that crazy Word 07 coding in. Is there something else I should be doing in notepad first?



  2. Tracy,

    Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it! Yes, I just use my notepad that came along with my PC. I cut and paste right into my blog. Another option for you to try….and I love this option is to sign up with msn live writer. Just do a google search for it and download this free softwear. It allows you to write your blog posts remotely on a editor very similar if not better than a word document. Then you just hit publish and it will automatically publish to your blog.

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